Episode #22: How To Grow Your Business Faster By Dumping Your Marketing Podcasts, Books, & Blogs

by Josh | Mar 3, 2019 | Podcast, Productivity | 0 Comments

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In business, we are trained to constantly learn. We are told that we are at a disadvantage if we are not always seeking ideas, advice, and tips.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can actually grow your business faster if you turn that wisdom on its head…especially if you are part of a small marketing team.

This Marketing Productivity Tip May Surprise You

In this episode of the Small Marketing Team podcast, I’m going to share a powerful productivity secret used by the world’s top marketers.

It might make you uncomfortable. It might feel scary at first, but I’ll walk you through the three hacks for switching your mindset to getting better sales and marketing results by learning less.

Tune in to learn how consuming less information and focusing on certain types of learning will catapult your business like nothing else.