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Episode #30: How To Avoid This Common Content Marketing Mistake

Aug 15, 2019 | Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing | 0 Comments

There are 4.5 million new blog posts published every day. What does that mean for a company that is publishing content to get found?

It means that the competition is fierce.

Not only does your blog content need to be high quality, but your headlines (i.e. the promise of the value in your blog post) need to be high quality too.

Why The INBOUND Conference Is a Must-Attend Event For Serious HubSpot Customers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Aug 12, 2019 | B2B Marketing, HubSpot, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing | 0 Comments

Get A Bullet-Proof Justification Framework

There are a lot of great marketing and sales conferences out there. I feel like I have participated in most of them over the past decade. It’s easy to put all of the elite business conferences in the same bucket - Dreamforce, Content Marketing World, Funnel Hacking Live, Social Media Marketing World, etc.

There are several events I highly recommend to re-charge and learn the latest marketing and sales techniques.

However, as a long-time HubSpot customer and someone who relies on HubSpot and the inbound philosophy every day to grow businesses (including my HubSpot consulting firm), there is one conference that stands out above the rest.

Episode #27: Beyoncé's Brilliant Marketing Move Every Small Marketing Team Should Steal

Apr 29, 2019 | Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing | 0 Comments

How many concerts did you attend last year? 1 concert? 2 concerts? Every other weekend?

For most performers, a concert is a one-time event. They move from city to city scooping up revenue from each venue’s ticket and merchandise sales.

I want to share a story about how one savvy superstar rejected that model so she could spend more time on other priorities.

The Easiest Way To Unlock Your Inbound Marketing & Sales Strategies

Apr 4, 2019 | HubSpot, Sales, Inbound Marketing | 0 Comments

The thing I love most about inbound marketing and sales is I don’t have to sell.